Innovation Technology entrepreneurship

Extroversion, entrepreneurship, and innovation are the key elements around which the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair is being organised from 7-15 September 2019, at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre.

The most important exhibition event in Greece and the Balkans continues to break visitor number records, one after the other, transmitting a powerful message of development regarding new international partnerships and investment implementations focused on the Greek economy, as well as that of the broader South-Eastern European region.

The 84th TIF, organised by TIF-Helexpo, will be a B2C, B2B, and B2G (business to government) Fair, while also including elements of culture and entertainment, acting as a pole of attraction for all ages. One of its unique characteristics is attendance by young people, who are attracted by the innovation and high technology presented at TIF.

TIF emphasises New Technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data, the Internet of Things, etc.) and as an exhibition it stands out for its consistency in continuously presenting all new achievements and services.

The 84th TIF continues its tradition of connecting with entrepreneurship

Businesses from all over Greece are participating in the fair this year under the “umbrella” of the Union of Hellenic Chambers. They are giving their vote of confidence to TIF, as they consider it a valuable tool for the promotion and achievement of commercial partnerships. The individual sections of the 84th TIF cover a broad range of interests from education, vehicles, and energy, to beauty, gastronomy, innovation, and e-gaming etc., with numerous actions and events.