The 82nd TIF is connecting to innovation!

Major Universities, technological foundations and technology agencies from Greece and abroad will create the ideal technological environment and present new innovative technological proposals that are expected to attract the interest of investors and visitors.


e-gaming: Thousands of young people and e-gaming fans, as well as well-known hi-tech firms, will participate in the largest e-gaming festival in the Balkans and create the ‘hottest’ gaming scene, which will exceed every expectation once again.


ARTECITYA: Envisioning the City of Tomorrow ARTECITYA is being organised by 9 cultural agencies seated in 7 European countries (France, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece), with the support of the ‘Creative Europe’ programme of the European Union.


The goal of ARTECITYA is to mobilise artists, architects, creators and the public for the design of cities, making it a priority to adopt a new approach to urban living, one that takes account of the needs of citizens in the light of economic and sociological conditions. In this context, TIF-HELEXPO has been organising (beginning during last year’s 81st TIF) an Art - Science - Technology Festival, examining the relationship of science and technology with art and the capacity for social change that all three fields contain. The 1st Art - Science - Technology Festival also included the projects named AMANDA, ENTER THE GAME and AURA.