Venue:Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre
Working Hours:Saturday 6.9.15 12.30-22.00, Sunday 7.9.15 10.00-22.00, weekdays 8-12.9.15 10.00-22.00, Saturday & Sunday 13 & 14.9.15 10.00-22.00
Entry:free to the public
Admission:Saturday 6.9.15 and weekdays 8-12.9.15 at €3, Sunday 7.9.15 and the weekend of 13-14.9.15 at €5, family ticket at €10, large families and disabled persons at €3 for all days of the event.
Number of previous Events:78

A brief description of the Event: 

The 79th TIF, remaining true to the main pillars of ENTREPRENEURSHIP and INNOVATION, has regained its commercial and international character, placing emphasis on the promotion and growth of the country's exporting capabilities. 
The combination of commerce and business at the 79th TIF with a broad, diverse schedule of recreational events hosted by HELEXPO gave the Fair the dynamism required by a multi-dimensional event, a grand celebration held with the participation of the entire city and beyond. The international commercial prestige and effectiveness of HELEXPO constitute the comparative advantage in the historically and geographically single economic area of the Balkans, the Black Sea and the East Mediterranean. 
Director of the Fair: Mr Panayiotis Hatziioannou 
Tel. Nos: 2310 291 548, 2310 291 257, Fax No: 2310 291 553
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The general appearance of the Fair is assessed positively by the Visitors of the 79th TIF. More specifically, 84.8% of visitors found the general appearance of the Fair to be very satisfactory or satisfactory, 14.4% partially satisfactory and just 0.8% not at all satisfactory. 

Chart. How do you assess the general appearance of the Fair?

As regards the degree of success of the participation goals set by Exhibitors at the '79th TIF', the general picture greatly indicates achievement of the goals, as the majority of Exhibitors characterise the achievement of their goals as exceptional, very good and good.
More specifically, the goal of advertising and promotion seems to have been achieved to a satisfactory extent, as 33.5% of Exhibitors characterises the degree of achievement as good and 31.3% as very good. This also applies to the goal of networking – acquaintances but with lower achievement percentages. Specifically, 33.1% of Exhibitors believe that this goal was achieved to a good degree and 31.0% to an average degree. The goal of contacting foreign clients, however, presents a bleaker view, as 50.9% of Exhibitors report that this did not take place at all, while 23.9% report that it took place to an average extent. The goal of promoting new products, according to the views of Exhibitors, seems to have been adequately satisfied. Specifically, 34.9% of Exhibitors report that this goal was achieved to a good extent and 19.1% to a very good extent. The achievement of the goal of presenting new products presents a better picture, as 30.4% of Exhibitors report that the goal was achieved to a good extent and 18.7% to a very good extent. The remaining goals, i.e. closing deals, increasing market share and commercial transactions, present an average degree of achievement, as 45.0%, 39.7% and 39.2% of Exhibitors, respectively, report that achievement was average.
From the evaluation of the achievement of Exhibitors' goals, it appears that the majority of goals were satisfied, in general. This is very important, as it indicates the high degree of Exhibitor satisfaction. However, a significant problem is found in the area of contacts between Exhibitors and foreign clients. Thus, the Organiser must place emphasis on addressing this significant weakness. This could be achieved by attracting additional foreign trade visitors.
Chart. Degree of Accomplishment of the Participation Goals of Exhibitors at the '79th TIF'
Exhibitors were asked if they believe that the parallel events held during the Fair are important for attracting visitors. A very high percentage (90.8%) believes they are important, while only 9.2% of Exhibitors do not believe parallel events are necessary. 
Chart. Do you believe the parallel events held during the Fair are important for attracting visitors?
The Visitors who attended the parallel events find them to be very good. More specifically, in all individual categories of parallel events, a very high percentage of Visitors (86.4%) found them to be very good. The evaluation of the parallel events by the Visitors of the Fair is presented in the chart below.
Chart. How do you find the parallel events you attended?
Another particularly positive fact for the Event is the relatively high percentage of Exhibitors who declared their intention to participate in the next TIF. More specifically, 39.5% of Exhibitors stated that they will participate in the next TIF and 55.0% stated that they might participate. On the contrary, just 5.5% of the Exhibitors stated that they would not be participating again. The Exhibitors who declared their intention not to participate in the next TIF cite the following as the main reasons for their decision: the drop in sales, the high cost of participation, the absence of B2B meetings, the short duration of the Fair, the lack of subsidy by Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the drop in revenue and, finally, the absence of large enterprises.
Chart. Do you intend to participate in the next TIF?
In regard to the intention of Visitors to repeat their visit to the next Fair, 91.5% responded that they intend to visit the Fair again as Visitors, while only 7.6% stated that they would not be repeating their visit. Furthermore, a significant percentage of Visitors (9.5%) stated that they intend to participate in the next Fair as Exhibitors. Detailed information regarding these questions are presented in the charts below.
Chart. Do you intend to attend the next Fair?