Accelerating Science - We are all 14 000 000 000 years old!
An exciting voyage to the origin of the Universe and to the heart of matter.
A pioneering exhibition which featured experiments being underway at the Large Hadron Collider of the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN), which are expected to reveal some of the mysteries of the Universe. The aim of the exhibition was to raise visitors’ admiration and curiosity about the origins of the universe and the basic components of matter and demonstrate the connection of fundamental research of the past with the present technologies.


Μusic Band Festival

After the success of the first event of the Music Band Festival in the78th Thessaloniki International Fair and the impact which the appearance of youth bands in the beer tent had in the audience, the Music Band Festival got a competitive character with special interest and potential for the participants, during the 79th TIF, 6-14 of September 2014.


The GDG is a community of computer programmers, people who love technology, students and companies who, although holding different specialties and coming from different sectors, believe that technology can be a tool for the development of society and the promotion of innovation. This is very important for the GDG community because, through the osmosis of different perceptions, thoughts and worlds, knowledge is produced cooperation promoted and ideas generated. Moreover, technology evolves tools that identify the needs of the market and contribute to the development of innovation.

Gastronomy  Corner

The Gastronomy corner is part of the advertising agency «BUTTERFLY communication» and aims to highlight the products of Greek land to the public. Participating in trade exhibitions both in Greece and abroad, it strengthens partnerships between producers and creates new ones. Last year, for the second consecutive year, and after a completely successful presence in the 78th Thessaloniki International Fair, the Gastronomy Corner hosted in Pavilion 7 products, flavors and delicacies from all over Greece.

Run without termination


A race different from others was organized by TIF - HELEXPO and sports club HERMES 1877.  In this race, every body could participate, athletes, runners and ordinary people, continuously, day and night from 1 – 3 of September 2014, with a single purpose: to support vulnerable people in need. Every kilometer of each runner separately converted into money that offered to charities and charitable institutions.
 In this race there were no losers. Only winners: the love for your fellow man, social responsibility and philanthropy.

1st children festival performances TIF

A new festival for younger guests started in the 79th TIF with quality theater, shadow theater and interactive events. Aiming to bring children closer to the theater, having at the same time educational character, this festival brought together the children's entertainment with educational stimuli.
Back to Streets


Parallel action of the 79th Thessaloniki International Fair with the aim of highlighting and promoting the «street» culture of Thessaloniki. Workshops and demonstrations Skateboard, BMX, Longboard, Graffiti, Break dance, Capoeira and Street Theatre impressed and captivated the visitors of the 79th TIF attracting at the same time the young population of the city. Athletes BMX and Skateboard, dancer Break dance, Capoeiristas, Graffiti artists, acrobats, mimes, jugglers and balancers undertook the organization of thematic learning and experimentation laboratory with forms of art, sport and dance which all together constitute the so-called "street culture".


An Exhibition for collectible Computer systems and gaming mashines
A little trip to the past ...
The «RETRObit» was the fruit of the members’ effort of the team and started organizing the first exhibition last year in the 79th International Fair in Thessaloniki. "The existence of such machines retrieves memories, nostalgia and romance of a bygone era, where the machines were served and entertained their users, and demonstrates the technological evolution of the first computers to the modern ones. Purpose of the exhibition was the older generation who lived on that computer, to travel and remember, whereas the newer to see computers that history wrote with golden letters and the transition from technology then in today. "
My City Life


Visitors of "My Life in the City" had the opportunity to meet with companies and professionals of the city, buy their products, to learn about their services and have fun with their families in specially designed entertainment places, every worthwhile city has for its citizens. An exciting visit to the pavilion 16 and "My Life in the City" with resting places for adults and playgrounds for the little ones!

Continuing its pioneering and innovative practice,  the 79th edition TIF  presented both to professional and ordinary visitors a special tribute to Orthodoxy, entitled "Orthodox Art". Orthodoxy has always been in a permanent and constant dialectic relation with Art. This is evidenced by the many, varied and very rich artworks that decorate and adorn the Orthodox churches and monasteries. Pictures, woodwork, metal works, carved stones and marbles, mosaics, colorful vestments, hagiographic manuscripts and many other artifacts have been the focus of worship and theology since ancient Christian times. This thematic tribute took place in one of the main areas of the exhibition center with the participation of professionals and businesses with silver, gold silver images, icons and Byzantine painting, stained glass and mosaics, sacred vestments, crosses and amulets, religious items, lamps, candelabra, church publications, cd of Byzantine music etc.


The Exhibition '' TASTES OF GREECE '' ... on a trip to the 79th Thessaloniki International Fair

With a legacy of the previous three, admittedly successful fairs held in Athens, a dynamic event held in Thessaloniki last year, in the context of the 79th INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, from 6 to 14 September 2014. Actively supporting the agricultural-production sector and the tourist product connected with it in various ways, we set as objective of the exhibition, the highlighting of quality advantages offered by Greek traditional products, but also the recognition by the consumers of Greek gourmet region, as a tourist destination.


.. And "CRETAN DIET" in the 79th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, 6-14 September 2015! 

Crete once again comes to Thessaloniki and TIF to highlight and promote the Cretan traditional health food products, highlighting the best produced in Crete - so that they become even more known in the Greek public. The visitors had the opportunity to sample all the traditional products produced by the Cretan land and exposed in the stands of exhibitors-producers such as: olive oil, dairy products, nuts, wine, raki, honey, milk, pasta, sfakianes pies, cheese pies, olives and many more.

The Exclusive Beauty in the heart of the 79th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair! A unique exhibition of beauty products and services addressed directly to the public, took place in the heart of TIF, from 6 to 14 of September 2014,  in the most central building of the exhibition, pav.13, during the all days of TIF operation – on demand of all our exhibitors.