The Motoring Club of Thessaloniki successfully completed the preparations for the 48th Rally of T.I.F., avoiding any “discounts” on safety, race kilometers or the glamour emitted by the race throughout the past 5 decades.
The rally will take place on the 12th and 13th of September in the framework of the Panhellenic Rally Championship and the Cup of Northern Greece, under the auspices of the Region of Central Macedonia in collaboration with HELEXPO-TIF, the latter celebrating this year its 80th anniversary.
The characteristic of this year’s event is its shrinkage, however without any losses in terms of racing difficulty. Therefore all six special routes, of about 90 kilometers, will be covered on Sunday, September 13th.
The first roars will be heard on Saturday afternoon, September 12th, at the Southern Gate of T.I.F., where the technical control of race cars will take place, while the solemn start will follow in the presence of many spectators and VIP guests. In terms of competition, the participants will have to prove their value on special asphalt paths they are already familiar with, on the beautiful mountains of Chalkidiki, however with a refreshing touch. The quality of the participants can be taken for granted as the tough battle for prevalence will be fought among top crews claiming the titles on the leader board.
The termination of the race and the awarding of prizes to the winners will take place at the very spot of the beginning of the race 24 hours before, in other words at the Southern Gate of T.I.F.
The easily accessible special routs which are not far from Thessaloniki will allow lots of spectators to watch the rally and enjoy the high level of competition and the beautiful sight offered by the crews.
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