In collaboration with Associate Professor Manthos Santorinaios and the “MA in Art and Virtual Reality” of the Athens School of Fine Arts and Université Paris 8.
Enter the Game” is an artistic approach to the world of gaming and an allegory on space, seen through the perspective of virtual reality – the space of thought, the space of the human body, the space of memories, emotions and perception. The art works / games, take place within a hybrid space, between the real and the virtual.
The following works are presented:

“Choice in crisis”

An artwork set-up as a game, where the participant is asked to deal with a system in crisis, while the game documents the participants' reactions.
Choice in crisis” is a collaborative work, developed by students of the MA in Art and Virtual Reality of the Athens School of Fine Arts and Université Paris 8 (academic years 2013-2015). The work has been successfully presented at international conferences and Festivals. It has also been used as a tool for scientific research.
Students: Giannis Bardakos, Christina Chrisanthopoulou, Ifigeneia Mavridou, Anna Meli, Nikos Papadopoulos, Renia Papathanasiou, Maria Velaora.
In collaboration with professors Dr Stavroula Zoi, Dr Nefeli Dimitriadi and Taxiarchis Diamantopoulos.

Curator, coordinator: Dr Manthos Santorinaios, Director of the MA in Art and Virtual Reality of the Athens School of Fine Arts and Université Paris 8.


“aqua polis - ancient evening sight sea ing” (work in progress) Andriana Daouti

The work is based on the concept of mapping and on the idea of a construction network seen from the perspective of a route-flow, a structure and an interaction of the elements that compose a system. This new “inter-net” is associated with the concept of the exploration of historical monuments and cultural elements that function as geographical-cultural references.

The discourse between those elements presented in the work is not arbitrary, as they are chosen because they share architectural styles and symbolistic values. The work unravels as an intricately planned labyrinth that, for all its complexity, is expected to have a solution-exit.

The expected flow is interrupted by structural inventions, where parallel “routes” (routes as in walking or system flows) lead to dead ends or to undefined destinations. This endless wandering, route, “search for a solution” becomes a comment on experiential reality, a proposal for a new way of thinking, a novel way of perceiving that will redefine and change reality, leading towards an alternate vision, a utopia.


“Fear of Heights” (work in progress)

“Fear of Heights” is an artwork in progress about this condition, experienced in a virtual reality environment. The work refers to the idea of the use of virtual reality as a tool, in order to face stress and anxiety syndromes, such as phobias (fear of heights, claustrophobia, etc.). It represents worlds created by the human mind under specific circumstances, where the person is trapped, even though that same person is the creator of those worlds. The use of a virtual helmet in a stereoscopic dive creates a full experience for the user, who is asked to navigate through the different environments of the work facing the given challenges relevant to the specific phobia.

“Body – bacteria – cycle of life” (work in progress) - Christina Oikonomou

The work presents the body as a structure where different powers, both constructive and destructive, co-exist: different body parts and their operations grow alongside bacteria, ready to react whenever the conditions change, as it happens when the body stops to operate. The spectator / user enters the body with the mission to find a malicious cell and destroy it.
The MA in “Art, virtual reality & versatile artistic expression systems” run by the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) and the “Département Arts et Technologies de l’ Image” of Université Paris 8, explores gaming technologies, alongside other scientific and technological applications, in order to research and propose new ideas and models that emerge through the convergence of art, gaming and educational technologies. The MA provides essential knowledge –technological, theoretical and artistic– to students that want to get involved with creative technologies in the fields of Art, digital games, performative arts and education, through the use of digital technology and the complementary methods of architecture and research. The duration of studies is two years, spent in Athens and Paris.
The MA is directed by Professor Alain Lioret (Université Paris 8) and Associate Professor Manthos Santorinaios (ASFA).

“ENTER THE GAME” Contributors:

In collaboration with the MA programme “Art, virtual reality & versatile artistic expression systems” run by the Athens School of Fine Arts and Université Paris 8.
Postgraduate program directors: Manthos Santorinaios (Associate Professor, ASFA), Alain Lioret (Professor, Université Paris 8)
Students: Giannis Bardakos, Christina Chrisanthopoulou, Andriana Daouti, Ifigeneia Mavridou, Anna Meli, Christina Oikonomou, Nikos Papadopoulos, Renia Papathanasiou, Maria Velaora, Konstantina Vetsiou
In collaboration with Professors: Dr Stavroula Zoi, Dr Nefeli Dimitriadi, Christina Chrisanthopoulou and Taxiarchis Diamantopoulos
Curator, installation concept: Dr. Manthos Santorinaios
Technological composition: Dr. Stavroula Zoi
Collaborator: Giannis Bardakos (lecturer / PHD candidate, ASFA and Université Paris 8)