Within the framework of the 81st Thessaloniki International Fair, TIF - HELEXPO SA aspires to bring the representatives of companies involved in the automobile sector closer to the general public, thus achieving the greatest possible promotion of their products and services.
The particularly dynamic scale of the exhibition at last year's event in terms of both quality and quantity served as a new developmental mark for the Fair and its prospects for the future, while also sending an optimistic message about the course of this year's event
The Auto-Motion thematic exhibition is being organised in order to provide professionals of the automobile sector with a 'vehicle' to present new models and the latest technological

developments in the auto sector over 9 days during a highly recognisable event and a Fair with a guaranteed high number of visitors (220,000 visitors at the last Fair).
This thematic exhibition is being held in the most central and prominent outdoor section of the Exhibition Centre.
The exhibition will include presentations of:
  • new automobile & motorcycle models
  • spare parts - equipment and maintenance products
  • fuel and lubricants
  • multimedia - car audio - security systems
At the same time, TIF-HELEXPO SA, having monitored developments in the purchasing behaviour of consumers and their preference for new, alternative forms of transport, is organising an exhibition on LNG transport, which concerns the ever-growing field of liquefied gas and other gas fuels.
The exhibition will feature companies that install and sell LNG and Gas Fuel systems, giving participants the opportunity to come into direct contact with thousands of visitors and to demonstrate all the capabilities of their products regarding the use of such systems in automobiles.
Participants will be promoted both through the programme of the media plan of the 81st TIF and press releases, as well as through extensive references in special publications to be distributed before and throughout the duration of the Fair.
TIF-HELEXPO is employing a privileged financial policy regarding the disposal of exhibition spaces for the automobile sector and is offering the following prices:
€50 per square metre
* €40 for exhibition spaces over 150 m2 in area