The well-established exhibitions on Energy and Construction attract the interest of both professionals and the general public, featuring the top companies of these sectors as participants.
The time at which this Exhibition is being held is particularly favourable for visitors who wish to explore their options in the energy and construction sectors in view of the upcoming winter season, as well as for companies and sectors, which will have the opportunity to promote their products to an exceptionally broad audience consisting of trade visitors and the general public.
TIF – HΕLEXPO SA designed these two thematic exhibitions by drawing on its wealth of experience and technical knowledge from organising Infacoma and AquaTherm, two of its top exhibitions, to create opportunities and privileges for exhibitors and visitors.
  • Alternative & Renewable Energy Sources
  • PELLET, Wood, Natural Gas
  • Solar Power - Photovoltaics - Geothermal energy
  • Heating - Cooling
  • Window and door frames & Construction materials
  • Technology & Equipment
  • Ecological Construction
  • Bioclimatic building design - Thermal insulation
Exhibitors who participated in AquaTherm and Infacoma 2016 will be offered an additional 15% discount apart from any other discounts they may be entitled to.
Furthermore, in the framework of its thematic exhibitions, TIF-HELEXPO SA is developing a number of communicative events both within and beyond the Exhibition Centre aiming at its promotion and the provision of information to its visitors.