Everything's at play here...literally!

The largest gaming event in the Balkans is returning once again at the notorious Pavilion Seventeen for nine days.

4,000 m2 will welcome classic and modern gaming, educational presentations, competitions and tournaments, while panels with all your favourite community figures and countless happenings will make you wish the exhibition would never end!
Visitors will have the opportunity to become acquainted with exclusive new titles, remember older ones and participate in daily interactive activities.

For the more traditional visitors, there will be a space dedicated to the source of modern gaming: tabletop games. Apart from the various games available to everyone to play free of charge, tournaments will also be held.

We must never forget cosplayers, whose enthusiasm brings beloved characters to life, through various workshops and their own special competition.
There will also be daily presentations of new titles and gaming panels. Educational seminars on videogame development and new technologies, as well as spotlights for the most popular Youtubers involved in this field will complete the Entertainment - E-sports - Education triptych.
Apart from all the above, why not take the opportunity to start your autumn shopping? Videogames, gaming gear, merchandise, anime, movies, TV series, board games, plush toys, clothes and many other products will be available throughout the duration of the Fair so that you can enjoy shopping and begin Autumn dynamically.
Whether you are young or old, families or children, single or committed, eGaming will await you once again for a true celebration of videogames and modern culture at the 81st TIF, the largest Fair in Greece.