Theatre days….. at TIF

Thessaloniki International Fair, the most prestigious and prominent institution of the city, is celebrating 81 years of operation and with respect and love for art and children, is organising the '4th Theatre Festival for Children and Adolescents', which will be a competition. From 10 to 18 September 2016, visitors to TIF will have the opportunity to enjoy theatrical performances at the outdoor stage of the vast Thessaloniki Exhibition Centre.

Theatre groups, troupes and artists have been invited to participate and present their theatrical performance (for children or adolescents) before the judges' panel. There are no limitations regarding whether or not the play has been previously staged or will debut during the new theatre season.
The '4th Theatre Festival for Children and Adolescents' will be of a competitive nature and the judges' panel will consist of 3 members, distinguished personalities from the world of Theatre.
The competition will feature monetary prizes, as follows:
  • 1st Prize: €700.00
  • 2nd Prize: €500.0€
  • 3rd Prize: €300.00
All participants will receive a participation memento. Application forms can be found here.
TIF - HELEXPO has landscaped the beautiful park beside the administration offices into a hospitable outdoors theatre, where performances and theatrical actions for children and adolescents will be staged every afternoon.
The organisers are providing participating troupes with an outdoor theatre stage (40 to 50 square metres), audio equipment (depending on the needs of each performance), lighting, 2 entrances on each side of the stage, and dressing rooms. The performances and participants will be promoted via a special printed Festival programme, while the Festival will be included in the general promotional plan of the 81st TIF.
Admission to the Festival is free for all visitors to the 81st TIF. The deadline for the submission of participation applications is Friday, 5 August 2016.
The performance presentation schedule will observe an order of priority depending on the date and time of dispatch of the participation confirmation form.
For further information, please call 6986652425 and 2310 291572 or e-mail: