The Thessaloniki MONOPOLY set to be revealed at the 81st TIF

Thessaloniki is getting its own MONOPOLY set, which will have its world première at the 81st TIF. The legendary property board game, which has given generations of Greeks countless hours of fun, has been adapted to Thessaloniki and will take shape before the eyes of visitors.

Monuments, hotels, historical buildings, sports centres and, of course, Thessaloniki International Exhibition and Congress Centre, take their place on the Thessaloniki MONOPOLY board and invite players to turn the city into a game!
To date, the content of the game was a kept a closely-guarded secret by the creators of MONOPOLY Thessaloniki, ‘Winning Moves’, who will reveal it on September 14, during the 81st TIF, before an audience of thousands.
Localised editions of MONOPOLΥ were first released 16 years ago. To date, the game has been licensed in 103 countries. 'Winning Moves' creates various special editions of MONOPOLY (both region- and city-specific editions), having secured the rights from Hasbro.
"We are delighted to be hosting such an event. Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Thessaloniki, will now have a fantastic souvenir of which Thessalonians can be proud - and what could be better than sharing this news with more than 200,000 visitors who will be welcomed at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre during the 81st TIF', noted the CEO of TIF-Helexpo, Mr Kyriakos Pozrikidis.
In turn, the Head of MONOPOLY development at Winning Moves, Mr Lazar Vukovic, stated: "From the moment of our initial announcement in May, concerning the creation of a MONOPOLY board for Thessaloniki, international participation in this project proved to be incredible. We are particularly satisfied to have created a board game that is both local and international at the same time. Bringing this product and Thessaloniki to life was an exceptional experience".