The Honored Country institution

Another economy and investment superpower, India, which is one of the greatest markets in the world, was attracted by the TIF as the Honored Country of the 2019 event.

India assumed the mantle from the USA and will make its own mark on Greece’s most important exhibition event.

The tightening of economic, trade, investment, and cultural contacts between Greece and India will be the focus of its participation as the Honored Country at the 84th TIF.

High technology, innovation, agriculture, and tourism are some of the sectors that are of common interest to the two countries, and in that framework Indian businesses and bodies will participate in the 84th TIF, carrying out meetings with corresponding Greek businesses.

Ten years after India’s last participation in the TIF as the Honored Country, the long historical and cultural ties between the two countries, and bilateral trade and investment relationships will be greatly boosted at the 84th TIF in September 2019.