263,724 visitors marked the 82nd TIF as the best of the decade


Over 260,000 visitors graced the 82nd TIF, which ended yesterday, renewing its appointment for September 2018.

The 82nd TIF ended in the most impressive way, as the concert given by Sakis Rouvas, dedicated to the ‘ORAMA ELPIDAS’ Association and the Volunteer Bone Marrow Donors, brought together thousands of people of all ages, achieving a record attendance number.


More specifically, 263,724 individuals (as compared to 210,081 last year) went through the gates of the Fair from 9 to 17 September and visited the largest TIF of the last decade.

The enormous number of visitors were met by 1,500 exhibitors and the highly successful participation of China, which set the bar high for the institution of the Honoured Country with 167 exhibition participations and over 400 individuals as part of the official delegation.


An intensely business-oriented character and increased internationalisation were the dominant elements of the ‘personality’ of the 82nd TIF.

The individual sections of the Fair covered a broad range of interests, from education, vehicles and energy to beauty, gastronomy and e-gaming, with numerous actions and events.

China as the Honoured Country at the 82nd TIF

China meets Greece in Thessaloniki, the heart of Balkan exhibition activities, at the 82nd TIF, held from 9 to 17 September 2017. The 82nd TIF is giving Greek companies an opportunity for cooperation, information and ventures in general regarding China, allowing them to lay the groundwork for the conclusion of commercial partnerships in both directions. 


connecting people - businesses – cultures!

The contribution of TIF-HELEXPO is reflected not only in its exhibition performance, but also in the growth of the Greek economy.

In recent decades, the Greek economy has been consistently supported and aided by TIF-HELEXPO, not only at the level of exhibitions, but also through the numerous investment and commercial transactions held during or behind the scenes of its events.